Deadly Baneberry

In 1970, Baneberry, an underground nuclear test went horribly wrong.  A plume of highly radioactive fall-out shot out of the ground, reaching an altitude of 8,000 feet or more. As you can see, this radioactive plume took the shape of a wolf, a harbinger of death. (read more)

Accident, Intentional Sabotage, or Something Else

It’s at least remotely possible that this was one big accident.  Sure, perhaps the men in charge didn’t realize the detonation chamber was filled with saturated montmorillonite clay – which cannot compress and – when the blast went off, the superheated clay steam had to go somewhere. (read more)

Diane Taylor, Five Stars, July 11, 2018

Attention history, mystery and atomic energy buffs. You might want to check out a book, The Baneberry Disaster. It’s the story of the Baneberry underground nuclear test whose radioactive cloud escaped from underground and exposed 86 Nevada-test-site workers to radiation, two of whom died of Leukemia. (read more) The book …

Mary D. Wammack, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

—Mary D. Wammack, University of Nevada, Las Vegas “This book is a remarkable achievement in perseverance by the authors trying to gain justice for two individuals who were exposed to radiation released from the underground nuclear test, Baneberry. Harley Roberts and Bill Nunamaker were exposed when Baneberry was detonated and …

Glyn G. Caldwell, MS, MD

—Glyn G. Caldwell, MS, MD This book is a fascinating review of both the unintended consequences of atmospheric and underground nuclear testing resulting in workers exposures when plans and safety measures go awry. (read more) The attorneys, Larry and Alan Johns have written a well-documented and thoughtful book about their …