We should set up to sell – we can create t-shirts and hats and stuff like that through Café Press (we can create a “store” there for about $50 – or somewhere in that range). They create the products, they take the orders, and they fulfill the orders, and pay us our share.  While we don’t make much, it costs us nothing after we have the store, and with that great wolf-head graphic (and we can create other graphics – like someone riding the plume and looking over the ridge at Area 51). 

To start, I’d base the graphics on the 2019 edition cover, and clean with the wolf-head graphic and “The Baneberry Disaster – A Generation of Atomic Fallout” on the bottom of the shirt or hat or coffee mug or whatever (maybe a shorter title for small items

Here we can also sell printed books that you’d autographed.  Sell them at retail cost plus $3.99 shipping (i.e., what Amazon would charge). We can sell the old books first, which gives us a way of getting rid of them and making money.

We can also think of other things to sell here, but these would let us start.